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Government Bond


Investment Bonds are debt instruments in which the authorized issuer owes the bond holders a debt. Depending on the terms of the type of bonds, the authorized issuer is obliged to pay interest and/or repay the principal at a later date upon maturity.

In simpler terms, a bond is a formal contract to repay borrowed money with an interest at fixed intervals. Investment bonds are a way to raise money. When you purchase any type of bond (government, convertible, callable, etc.), you are lending money to the issuer which may be a corporation, the government, a federal agency or any other entity. In return, the issuer promises to pay a specified rate of interest during the life of the bond. The issuer also repays the face value of the bond when upon maturity of the term.

Learn about different types of bonds and find suggestions for best bonds to invest in!

  • ZERO-COUPON BONDS : These investment bonds are issued at a discount, but redeemed at the principal
  • G-SEC BONDS : These are issued by the government and are one of the safest types of bonds to
  • CORPORATE BONDS : These types of bonds are simple bonds, wherein a company borrows and pays
  • INFLATION-LINKED BONDS : In these types of bonds, principal amount and interest payments are indexed to inflation.
  • CONVERTIBLE BONDS : The bond holder has the option to convert these types of bond into equity on pre-
  • SOVEREIGN GOLD BOND : Sovereign Gold Bonds are the safest way to buy digital Gold, as they are issued by Govt. of India
  • CAPITAL GAIN BONDS (54EC BONDS) : According to section 54EC, any person (individuals, HUFs, partnership firms, companies etc.) can avail exemption in respect of long-term capital gains (arising from the sale of long term capital asset other than equity shares and securities), if the capital gain is invested in Capital Gain bonds. The exemption will be the amount of capital gain or the amount of investment made, whichever is less. Interest rate offered on these bonds is 6% per annum. The exemption is subject to:
  • The investment is made within a period of 6 months from the date of transfer of the asset
  • Lock-in-period of 3 years
  • Maximum investment limit of up to Rs. 50 Lakhs in a Financial Year per individual
  • If the amount invested in bonds is less than the capital gains realized, only proportionate capital gains would be exempt from tax

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